About Us

What is Petare?

Petare, located in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is considered one of the largest and poorest slums in Latin America with more than 412,756 inhabitants, the vast majority of them low-income. Petare is characterized by a high level of insecurity, marginality, and congestion, with few and poor urban roads. 9 out of 10 of its inhabitants confess that they do not have enough money to buy food.

Who We Are

We are a transformational model found/based on hard work and the integral well-being of the communities. We are creators of products that generate a sustainable social impact. We are a platform that generates ideas and paths that contribute to the transformation of Petare.


Activate a chain of real transformation in vulnerable communities and contribute to the development of their people.

Our Values


People, co-creation, inclusion, diversity, accompaniment, team cooperation.


Excellence, attributes, qualities, durability, resistance, performance, design, warmth.


Formation, preparation, education, opportunities, construction, promotion, creation, commitment.


Action, contribution, fight, practice, movement, paths, result, execution.


Coherence, clarity, openness, closeness, sincerity, security, trust, frankness.


Made in Petare.
Made with purpose.

For the daily struggle.
For people who build their future.
Made because we believe in work.
Because we believe in opportunities.
And we create them.
Made with quality and transparency.
Made because we love our country.
Made to show that it can be done.
Made for you, that you make it possible.

Made to transform.



The income generated through the sales of each of our products is used to finance
the operation of our 10 dining rooms, located in the most vulnerable areas of Petare,
where more than 1,300 children are fed daily.


Recreation is vital for children optimal development, which is why we carry out
educational plans with different activities and dynamics every week.


We believe in the strength of Venezuelan women, by creating opportunities that will
allow them to exploit their potential and achieve the best version of themselves.


Every month our children and young people attend full days of medical and dental

Today I received my bag and I want to congratulate you for the quality and the good finish of the product, very nice. Many thanks.

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